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Not Just More Clients. More of Your Ideal Clients.

There is nothing you can do in your business—not even sales—that will grow your business faster, more directly, and with greater impact than marketing. If you come up short here, nothing else can make up for it.

Focus on Why Clients Hire YOU

Clients don’t hire you because you are “different.” They trust you because you are the best choice for improving their business. You demonstrate your value by talking about their business rather than yours.

Re-thinking the Ideas you communicate generates significantly greater upside than more artfully crafting the Words you use. Words and tactics matter, but the right idea matters much more. Web sites, email campaigns, branding, and social media aren’t the starting points; they’re the culmination of clear positioning and focused strategy.

Re-thinking your view of marketing actually makes it easier to see how marketing drives growth. By the time you finish reading this website, you’ll agree. When you’re ready, let’s talk about growing YOUR firm.

Common Sense Is a Better Guide than the Herd

“Best Practices” describe what most people do rather than what is most effective. If you’re willing to break with conventional wisdom, the payoff is growth from clients who are less price-sensitive, more loyal, and generate plenty of qualified referrals. No magic dust, just common sense. Not just more clients. More of your ideal clients.

The easy choice is better, not different

Why You Should Break with Conventional Wisdom

When earning my MBA at Dartmouth’s Tuck School, the correct way to position a product or firm was:

What you do, Who you serve, and How you are Different.

I learned in the real world this is completely wrong and counter-productive.

Break #1: Clients Don’t Care How You’re “Different”

When you talk about how you’re different, you make the conversation about you. Think about that. Clients care about their business, not yours, so why would they want to talk about you? When you talk about you, you’re selling. Your marketing and business development becomes exactly what you don’t want it to be.

When you focus on the client’s needs and how what you do benefits the client’s business, they see you as advising rather than selling. You’re demonstrating why you’re a better choice. It even feels better.

Break #2: Clients Don’t Care about Your Products & Services

To focus on your impact—the benefits to the client’s business from working with you—you must stop thinking of your firm in terms of products and services.

To help you break free from the products and services mindset, I interview your best clients. You’ll see that your impact runs deeper than you recognize. You’ll be amazed—maybe even awed—by the insights you’ll gain. I guarantee you’ll never think about your business the old way again.

When clients see you as clearly better, you make their decision easy

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Everything I do—literally everything—strengthens your business in three ways:


  1. Strategically target the most profitable markets and clients where you command higher fees
  2. Make it easy and natural for clients and partners to generate new business for you with Powerful Recommendations
  3. Attract higher quality clients, stronger partners, and better employees by putting the focus on how you improve your ideal clients


Your business will benefit in many other ways, but that’s too much to think about right now.

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“Bruce gave me unique insights into how marketing issues truly affect the strategy and operation of our overall business”

Bill Woodrow, Principal, Woodrow Search
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If your job is leading a services firm of elite professionals, and you aren’t afraid to slay a few marketing myths, let’s talk about your firm and its needs. Together we can increase your firm’s Revenue, grow Profitability, and add more of your Best Clients.

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