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Not Just More Clients

A Virtuous Cycle of Your BEST Clients

Focusing on your best clients fuels a Virtuous Cycle of repeat business, client referrals, and recommendations from strategic partners.

In the process, marketing becomes something everyone at your firm understands.

The key is understanding what your clients are really thinking, not learning new skills.


Virtuous Cycle of Best Clients

Be an Easy Choice for Your Best Clients

An easy choice is someone your clients can trust to improve their business, and a decision they won’t second-guess.

It’s counter-intuitive, but bullet points, happy clients, and the rest of the conventional wisdom doesn’t make you an easy choice.

Focusing on your best clients is more efficient than cramming more leads into your sales funnel.

Insight from customer interviewsInsight

Client Interviews

Identify more ways you improve your clients’ businesses and what is most important to them.

Strategic Marketing Plan processGuidance & Action

Strategic Marketing Plan

Focus generates clarity
Clarity delivers impact
Impact produces momentum



Shorter sales cycles
Higher profits
More & better clients

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“Bruce gave me unique insights into how marketing issues truly affect the strategy and operation of our overall business”

Bill Woodrow, Principal, Woodrow Search

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Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit

A snazzy new design will certainly make your web site prettier, but it’s not your firm’s lowest-hanging fruit. Your current color palate and logo aren’t costing you business. (And, there’s no Tooth Fairy.) Great marketing is a healthy tree which continually bears low-hanging fruit.

You become the easy choice when clients see you as clearly better.

I Like to Work with Ideal Clients Too.

Are You My Ideal Client?

  • Do you see yourself as a business person whose business is your profession (law, finance, engineering, consulting)?
  • Have you set a high priority that your business get to the next level?
  • Are you willing to break with conventional wisdom to get much better results?


Your reward is amazing clarity regarding your marketing and what
will work for YOUR FIRM.

 Strengthen Your Business

Strategically target the most profitable markets and clients where you command higher fees

Attract higher-quality clients, partners, and employees by putting the focus on how you improve your Best Clients

Make it easy and natural for clients and referral partners to generate new business for you with powerful referrals

If your job is leading a services firm of elite professionals, and you aren’t afraid to slay a few marketing myths, let’s talk about your firm and its needs. Together we can increase your firm’s Revenue, grow Profitability, and add more of your Best Clients.


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