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Not Just More Clients. More of Your Ideal Clients.

There is nothing you can do in your business—not even sales—that will grow your business faster, more directly, and with greater impact than marketing. Come up short here and nothing else can make up for it.

If your marketing isn’t a growth engine fueling everyone in your organization, perhaps you’ve been lead down a path focusing on tactics to get you noticed rather than a strategy for getting you hired by your ideal clients.

Wisdom, Guidance, (un)Common Sense

There’s a much better way. It starts with what you’re doing right (you have happy clients, right?). Client interviews provide wisdom, guidance, and (un)common sense from people who know your business best. Research from the field of neural-economics (the interdisciplinary field studing of how people make decisions) backs up what your clients will say, leaving you wondering who came up with those so-called “best practices.”

More importantly, you’ll see a direct link between marketing and: shorter sales cycles, higher prices, and more and better clients. The goal isn’t just more clients, it’s more of your ideal clients.

Let me be guide you and your business in re-thinking how marketing drives growth.  When you’re ready, let’s talk about growing YOUR firm.

Insight from customer interviewsInsight

Client Interviews

Identify more ways you improve your clients’ businesses and what is most important to them.

Strategic Marketing Plan processGuidance & Action

Strategic Marketing Plan

Focus generates clarity
Clarity delivers impact
Impact produces momentum



Shorter sales cycles
Higher profits
More & better clients

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“Bruce gave me unique insights into how marketing issues truly affect the strategy and operation of our overall business”

Bill Woodrow, Principal, Woodrow Search
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Break with the Herd

A lot of what passes as marketing wisdom is herd behavior masquerading as “best practices.” Many “best practices” actually undermine your firm’s growth. If you’re willing to break with the herd, you can lasso growth from clients who decide faster, are less price-sensitive, and generate more qualified referrals. No magic dust, just (un)common sense.

Break #1: Clients Don’t Care How You’re “Different”

When you talk about how you’re different, you make the conversation about you. Clients care about their business, not yours, so why would they want to talk about you? When you talk about you, you’re selling. Are you one of the many professionals who hate selling?

When you focus on the client’s needs and how you benefit their business, you’re advising rather than selling. You’re demonstrating why you’re a better choice. It even feels better.

Break #2: Clients Don’t Care about Your Products & Services

To focus on your impact—the benefits to the client’s business from working with you—you must stop thinking in terms of products and services.

To help you break free from the products and services mindset, I interview your best clients. You’ll see how your impact runs deeper than you recognize. You’ll be amazed—maybe even awed—by the insights you’ll gain. I guarantee you’ll never think about your business the old way again.

When clients see you as clearly better, you become the easy choice

Everything I do strengthens your business in three ways:

  1. Strategically target the most profitable markets and clients where you command higher fees
  2. Make it easy and natural for clients and partners to generate new business for you with Powerful Recommendations
  3. Attract higher quality clients, stronger partners, and better employees by putting the focus on how you improve your ideal clients

If your job is leading a services firm of elite professionals, and you aren’t afraid to slay a few marketing myths, let’s talk about your firm and its needs. Together we can increase your firm’s Revenue, grow Profitability, and add more of your Best Clients.


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