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The easy choice for a client is one that is clearly better for their business


  • They have lots of choices from other firms offering similar services.
  • You (and your competitors) make the selection decision harder than it needs to be. Much of the information you provide isn’t helpful for the selection decision.

Conventional marketing wisdom says you need to stand out from the crowd by being “different.” The conventional marketing wisdom is wrong

I learned a better approach while interviewing hundreds of customers for dozens of firms. 

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“What Bruce does is original. People don’t talk about Virtuous Cycles of Marketing. . . After a while it gets really easy because it becomes part of the company DNA.”

Kevin G. Long, President, Employee Benefits Law Group

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The easy choice is better, not different

Being the Best Choice Is Better than Being “Different”

Prospective clients care about their business, not yours.

When you strain to tell clients how you’re “different,” you’re talking about yourself rather than how you will improve their business.

Thinking tangible tasks and deliverables determine your value causes you to under-value your real impact.

Science Says Take a Different Approach

Think piles of information helps clients select your firm? Think again.

Research shows clients decide remarkably early in the process, then use logic to justify the decision already made.

When you pile on too much detail before you’ve connected emotionally, you actually make it harder for the client to make a decision. If you let the client drive the process, they’ll say Yes faster and with greater enthusiasm for working with you.

Clients Want the Easy Choice

Re-think your business development process with the singular intent of demonstrating to ideal prospects you are the best choice for their situation and needs. Your Best Clients find it easy to say Yes to your firm.

  1. The sales cycle shortens
  2. Your Best Clients bring you Better Projects
  3. Price is less of an issue.

Your business development process feels more like helping than selling. When you have to do less “selling,” it’s easier to engage more people — internal and referral partners — in developing business for your firm.

Make it easy to select your firmMake It Easy for Clients to Select You: Be Better, Not Different

Clients don’t care about how you’re “different,” the details of your products and services, or even how much expertise you have. Each of these cornerstones of conventional marketing figure much less prominently into the prospect’s decision to select your firm than you think. Make your firm the easy choice

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Insights from your Best Clients create a Virtuous Cycle of Marketing.

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