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Why Marketing Matters—If You Want to Grow Your Firm

There is no area you can focus on that will grow your firm’s sales faster, easier, and with greater impact than marketing–including sales. If my statement seems hyperbolic, I’m writing specifically for you. Conventional marketing falls well short of its potential because it’s commonly assumed that marketing’s primary role is delivering a message to capture

What Marketers Get Wrong In the Battle for Growth

You’ve heard the positioning formulation countless times. You must communicate What you do, Who you serve, and How you are “different.” Logical, perfectly straightforward, and counter-productive if you want to drive highly-profitable growth. Like with so many best practices, this one reflects what most people do rather than what is most effective. Playing to the

Expertise Isn’t Enough: Why You Actually Get Hired

Expertise is the price for being considered. Once a client seriously considers hiring you or your firm, their expectation is that you can perform the required work. If not, they wouldn’t be talking to you. What’s common or expected is not a differentiator. Expertise Establishes Credibility, But that’s a Low Bar It’s easy for potential

Clients Want Your Firm To Be Better, Not Different

The vibrant life of Summer may be in full swing, but some things never change. I’ve noticed many professionals at the top of their game hold either unrealistic expectations for marketing, or see marketing as little more than smoke and mirrors, and marketing consultants as charlatans selling snake oil. “Helping” professional services firms do marketing

The Client Question You Should NOT Answer and Why

An investment advisor took a piece of lunchtime advice from me, and closed a $10 million client. A few days later news of a Stanford study on negotiation landed in my inbox echoing the same themes. First, the science courtesy of my friends at Eloqui. Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Margaret Neale along with

6 Goals for Great Marketing

Ordinary marketing is trying to persuade the market it needs a firm’s products and services. Great marketing is telling a story of how your firm benefits your customer’s business. Note that great marketing uses a different model than ordinary marketing. Ordinary marketing talks about What your firms does, Who is serves, and how it is

Powerful Referrals: Make Your Law Firm Marketing Unstoppable

The LMA Bay Area put on a great program in San Francisco regarding generating more powerful referrals via law firm marketing. I was honored to share the dais with Vickie Spang and moderator Alison Coleman. Below are a few key points from the wide-ranging discussion. Not All Referrals Are the Same Terminology is important. There are at

Marketing’s Role Is Taking On the Big Issues

76% of CMOs believe they are aligned with their CEO’s agenda, but just 46% of CEOs agree according to a new study from McKinsey. I suspect this is true at companies and firms of all sizes, not just the big firms McKinsey surveyed. Just because a firm has a partner in charge of “marketing” rather than
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