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Do You Choose Your Clients?

“The old thinking was that customers would hear about us and, we hope, choose our products. The new thinking is that we, the company, choose our customers. We even may refuse to do business with certain customers. Our business is not to casually please everyone, but to deeply please our target customers. To do so

Make It Easy for Your Best Clients to Say Yes

Developing new clients often seems random and full of should-be-clients who end up saying “No” when they ought to say “Yes.” The challenge in business development is you can’t control what people do. You can’t force them to say Yes; some will and some won’t. Pure sales people learn to accept frequent rejection as part

Avoid the Pitfalls of Marketing to Your Ideal Clients

The concept of an “Ideal Client” is a staple of marketing. Marketing professionals use ideal clients to target marketing campaigns or to create personas which can bring a firm’s target market to life. That’s good. The problem is that ideal clients are often mythical apparitions who don’t actually exist. The search for the perfect prospect

Profit Growth Is the High Cost of Losing Focus

If you’re anything like me, you much prefer learning from other people’s mistakes. In fact, research shows we learn better when we watch others make mistakes. When you’re able (and willing) to look across industries you’ll find even more lessons from other people’s mistakes. You’re probably not in the fast-food business, but that doesn’t mean

Outflank Competitors By Giving Prospects What They Crave

Doug Conant is the rare CEO who understands the connection between how people feel and the bottom line. A while back, Harvard Business Review told his story. When Conant took over as Campbell’s CEO in 2001, for every two employees who felt engaged, one felt disengaged. That’s every bit as bad as it sounds; Campbell’s employee engagement scores

The High Cost of Not Prioritizing Emotional Connection

This article was written for and first appeared in Marketer, the magazine of the Society for Marketing Professional Services While a structural engineer can precisely calculate the maximum load a structure can safely carry, marketing and business development is far less exact. Business relationships are complicated by human emotions on both sides of the relationship. Emotion plays a large, but

Are Your Professional Services Sale Priced?

Sales gurus advise not talking about price until your prospect makes an emotional decision to buy from you. If that’s wise counsel (and it is), why do so many firms talk about pricing in the first few minutes of conversation? RJ, the Managing Partner of a boutique law firm, told me the three reasons clients

Random Acts Of Marketing: A Money Pit for Your Business

Bruce Stachenfeld, writing at AboveTheLaw, views marketing the way Non Sequitur views boat ownership. Something you rain cash on without expecting much in return. Asserting that “marketing is a game of pure statistics,” Mr. Stachenfeld advises: “The best chances of success will come from making as many marketing attempts as possible.” Random Acts of Marketing I don’t see throwing

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