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Talk Is Fine, but Results Speak Volumes

Nurses, Patients, and BusinessNurses, Patients & Business

What can a customer-centric organization run by really smart people learn by bringing in a third-party talk to their clients? Quite a lot, as it turns out, turning an under-performing offering into a hit.

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Focus is more important than tacticsFewer Proposals. More Wins.

A well-regarded construction services firm found itself working harder for less. Their stellar reputation meant getting selected as a finalist for projects was never the issue. The issue was winning these contracts.

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Secret SauceUnlocking the Secret Sauce

As part of an ownership transition, an environmental services consulting firm set a goal of doubling profit over the next several years. They sought help in building out their marketing and business development to accomplish this goal, but with a more

Dysfunctional to Sought-AfterDysfunction to Sought-After

With considerable excitement, the founders of an educational services company acquired a set of curriculum tools and a consulting services group to extended its course management offering. Excitement turned to frustration when instead of accelerating growth as expected, the combined company stalled. Very few schools bought more than one offering. None bought all three. Worse, the triple business unit structure led to internal strife over resources.

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