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Results Speak Louder than Talk

Kevin G. Long, President of Employee Benefits Law Group describes how the Virtuous Cycle of Marketing changed and improved his law firm’s service model.

Employee Benefits Law Group

Good care requires good business

Thinking LIKE Your Clients Is More than a Cliche

A deeper understanding of HealthCareFirst’s Best Clients turned a struggling offering into a winner without changing the product.
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Find focus in your true north

Fewer Proposals, More Wins By Finding True North.

Greater focus on Best Clients gave XL Construction, a $200 million commercial contractor, a way to grow revenue while submitting fewer proposals.

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client interviews provide launching pad for growth

Client Interviews Provide Launching Pad for Growth

As important as the marketing strategy, positioning, and execution were, the real catalyst for a boutique law firm was seeing the firm’s value as providing guidance and advice that improves client more

Dysfunction to Sought-After

Putting Growth Back into Gear


Bringing an external perspective clarified customer value and turned internal strife into collaboration and market more

Secret SauceUnlocking the Secret Sauce

Interviews with the firm’s Best Clients and referral partners revealed powerful insights neither Johnson Wright nor its clients had noticed.

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