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Not Just for Big Firms (or those with a lot of money)

A strategic marketing plan is not just an exercise. And it’s not just for big firms. Marketing is the knob with the biggest single impact on growth. Marketing strategy is fundamental to the growth of your revenue, the engagement of your clients and your team, your reputation in the market, and the overall health of your business.

Less really is more

Research shows the fastest growing services firms often spend less on growing their business than slower growing competitors. The key is getting the big ideas right. If you don’t get the big ideas right, the details and execution don’t matter.

Unlike consultants who are out to sell a specific solution—video, website, branding, social media—I don’t come in knowing what your firm needs. What I have is a process that will get us to the right answer for your firm’s situation and needs.

Too many firms focus on why customers ought to select their firm rather than why they actually do.

Marketing Audit

Assess what is working, what is not working, and identify the greatest opportunities for improvement given overall company objectives and capabilities.


Deal yourself a winning hand with positioning that tells the story of how you’re the best choice, not merely different in some way important to you.

Position your firm for clear advantage

Strategic Marketing Plan

Create a comprehensive plan that will change the way you think and act while giving clarity to your entire firm.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Law Firms

To buck the trend towards greater competition you must change your thinking. Make sure you ‘re marketing to your client, not yourself.

Law firms

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“Bruce led us in strategy development that let us reach a new level of clarity and ideas for who we are, what we’re doing and how we achieve it.”

Nilofer Merchant, CEO & Founder, Rubicon Consulting

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Great Marketing Is Like Riding a Bike

Until you experienced riding a bike, you thought it was hard.

My job is to make growth-driving marketing feel as natural as riding a bike.

Using solid research into why your best clients select your firm above others, I show you how you can become the compelling choice by doing more of what you do best. Not a survey into what clients like about your products and services, a deep dive into why they select your firm and how your work benefits their business. You’ll be dismayed by how much of your current business development is built around why clients ought to select your firm or why you would select your firm. I can’t do this without getting to know you and your clients. You’ll never go back.

Emphasizing the benefits your clients get from working with your firm changes how you think about marketing.

I use your own best clients to convince you that your products and services are not the primary reasons clients select your firm. From this you gain the clarity and confidence to change your approach to marketing forever. Just as spinning wheels make it possible to ride fast without falling, clarity and confidence gyro-stabilizes your entire business development process.

A good strategic marketing plan makes clear which activities are aligned with your overall goals, and which you can safely stop doing.

A Strategic Marketing Plan must integrate seamlessly with sales, business development, and even operations. If not, it will be a plan sitting on the shelf, gathering dust rather than growing your firm.

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“Bruce exhibited a great ability to “dig in” to get a real understanding of our clients’ needs/wants/perceptions that we missed with our traditional tactics.”

Bobby Robertson, CEO, HealthCareFirst

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Core Services

A diagnostic Marketing & Business Development Audit is a great way to get started.

The Marketing & Biz Dev Audit

If you question whether your marketing is performing, it probably isn’t. Cookie-cutter audits focus on measuring individual tactics and report back a score sheet, but rarely tell you how to get healthy. Too often the result is more confusion about what to do or a hard sell. Most consultants love confusion. How does that help you?

Even well-executed tactics become anchors when they don’t advance your strategic priorities. The primary goal of The Marketing Audit is assessing your firm’s clarity, cohesion, and credibility in the market. You want someone who can assess what is working, what is not working, and identify the greatest opportunities for improvement given overall company objectives and capabilities.

A Marketing & Business Development Audit can be a stepping stone towards a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan.


Great marketing focuses on how you help your best clients improve their business results so you become the easy choice compared to other, often excellent firms. Positioning is the inspiration and driver that provides the all-important focus needed to drive growth. The truth is, potential clients don’t care how you’re different. They only care how you’re a better choice for their situation, needs, and resources. You’re a better choice when you are better for them and their business.

Let's talk about YOU

Strategic Marketing Plan

Thinking strategically isn’t just for big firms. A Strategic Marketing Plan creates a view of your business that will change the way you think and act. Sales, marketing and business development at professional firms are undergoing profound changes that risk leaving many historically successful firms behind.

A Strategic Marketing Plan embraces your entire business, addressing gaps, weaknesses, capabilities and resources so you can focus on specific tactics that really work for your firm. Chances are, there’s a lot that’s working well. A willingness to change is critical, but there’s no need to change works working well—and will continue to work well for you. Most importantly, you gain the confidence that you are focused on the right priorities. Only then can you let go of the other stuff. The entire process is built around in-depth interviews with your best clients to unlock the secret sauce that causes them to see you as a better choice than other options.

Law Firms

Law firms are a special breed. The organizational structure of most smaller and mid-sized firms makes unified and effective marketing a challenge. Law firms are more complicated than other firms, but law firm marketing doesn’t need to be. You need a process for assessing your specific situation and determining where and how to focus your efforts. In-depth interviews of law firm clients reveal that clients value their lawyers more than the lawyers realize—but usually in ways the lawyer didn’t expect. The result is a roadmap to building more of your best and most profitable relationships.

With a roadmap for communicating how clients and their businesses benefit from your work, its easier to expand the ranks of those making rain. This applies to other practice groups as well as external referral partners.