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Potential clients may ask how your firm is “different,” but what they really want to know is why your firm is a better choice for their situation, needs, and resources.

You have loyal clients who think you’re the best choice. Why do they opt to work with your firm? Chances are the reasons run much deeper than tasks and deliverables. Clients expect those to be done well, so they don’t differentiate your firm.

Expertise Isn’t Enough

There’s a whole industry devoted to “law firm marketing” that thinks clients hire lawyers based on who has more expertise. If they didn’t already think you were an expert, they wouldn’t be talking to you.

When you opt to frame your work in the context of how it benefits the client’s business, you no longer have to strain to make your generally similar products and services “different.” The client will see you as the better choice. learn more

Become the Clear and Easy Choice

My impact on law firms extends across your entire business development process:

  1. Shorter Sales Cycle: Close your ideal clients faster
  2. Greater Profitability: Gain work where price is less of an issue
  3. Better Referrals: Create leverage with more and better referrals
  4. More Rainmakers: Benefit from more people at your firm generating business.

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“Bruce’s approach is different. It’s customized to his clients, and though it starts with marketing, once implemented, it permeates the entire organization. You learn what you do well, and then you do it even better. It’s a deeper, more positive approach.”

Gina McGregor, Law Firm Marketing Director

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Any of these sound familar?

  • “My secret sauce is good work for a reasonable cost”
    (You and every other attorney in town.)
  • “With the right online tools, I can generate business on-line”
     (In a more competitive world, why do you expect marketing to your ideal clients will become less hands-on?)
  • “The best marketing is doing great work.”
    (And how will potential clients know about this great work?)
  • “We don’t need to market. Our clients come via referrals.”
    (Maybe you’re set, but you’ve read this far…)
  • “I can only grow volume because my rates are set by the market.”
    (Think about that for a moment. You just described a commodity. I guarantee your best clients do not think you’re a commodity.)
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