Marketing for small and mid-sized law firms

Tons of lawyers do a good job, so why should clients hire you?

To thrive in today's—and tomorrow's—legal market, your marketing must demonstrate why your best clients select your firm over the many other excellent options. Potential clients may ask how your firm is "different," but what they really want to know is why your firm is a better choice for their situation, needs, and resources.

A changing marketplace and increased levels of competition are pushing law firms to market themselves like other businesses. Trying to marketing like other businesses is a trap that leads to commoditization. When clients see you as no better than other firms, price and rates become the focus. Is that how you want to compete?

Success doens't require you to be something you're not. Many of the firms I work with depend on seller-doers and don't have a big (or any) Marketing Department. When good marketing feels natural, even tax attorneys and those with arcane knowledge become good marketers.

Finding Your Secret Sauce

You have loyal clients. Why do they opt to work with your firm? Chances are the reasons run much deeper than doing a great job on tasks the client expects to be done well. The answer is your secret sauce. With that, you no longer worry about being "different" because you know exactly why you're a better choice for the clients you serve best.

Knowing your firm's secret sauce lets you focus your marketing and business development. Your marketing will have greater impact, but so will your referrals as others spread your message. That's leverage.

You Have Choices

You have lots of choices for improving your firm's marketing. Law firms opt to work with me because my law firm clients gain more than just more revenue and profits; I convert marketing from a task lawyers dread to a mindset they embrace. I believe less is more, so there is never a one-size-fits-alls solution. However, less requires deep confidence you have the right focus. Once you see your work through the eyes of your best clients, something clicks and priorities come into sharp focus.

Are These Approaches Working for You?

  • "My secret sauce is good work for a reasonable cost"
    (You and every other attorney in town.)

  • "With the right online tools, I'll be able to sit back and clients will come to me, right?"
    (In a more competitive world, why do you expect marketing to become less hands-on?)

  • "I don't need to market. My clients come via referrals."
    (Maybe you're set, but you've read this far...)

  • "My rates are set by the market."
    (Think about that for a moment. You just described a commodity.)

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