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A Marketing Failure Is a Business Failure

In today’s economy, you can no more afford marketing that fails to produce results than you can sales programs that don’t generate sales. If you’re not cost-effectively generating the growth you need, how do you know which part of your business development process isn’t working? Business development is a cross-disciplinary process requiring alignment across marketing, sales, business and referral partners, and delivery.

A Health Check for Your Marketing

The Marketing Audit is a review of your current business development process viewed against your strategic business objectives.

  1. Do you know why you do each of your activities and how it contributes to your overall business development process?
  2. Do your clients see you as a good choice, or the best choice?
  3. Is your marketing credible and relevant to clients, or are you lost in the noise?
  4. Are you talking about who you are and what you do, or how your work benefits your client’s business?

I approach the Audit in the context of your entire business development process, so it isn’t a critique of purely marketing activities. Drawing upon my experience, best practices, and insights gained from asking lots of questions, the Marketing & Business Development Audit highlights areas of concern, and identifies specific opportunities where you can improve.

The Audit gives you a list of specific gaps and a set of actionable recommendations. Some of which you can implement immediately as quick wins. More importantly, you and your team will gain first-hand exposure to thinking in terms of impact of your clients in place of focusing on your own products and services. For some firms, the Audit provides enough guidance and direction by itself. For others, it offers a roadmap to a Strategic Marketing Plan.

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“What immediately impressed me is Bruce’s ability to identify the key issues that win business for us.”

Bill Woodrow, Principal, Woodrow Search

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A Marketing & Business Development Audit can include some or all of the following components:

  • RESULTS—Are you getting the results you need and expect?
  • STRATEGY—How clear is your marketing strategy, and is it shared across your organization and aligned with corporate goals? Just as important, is it realistic given your resources?
  • CUSTOMERS & SEGMENTS—Are you targeting the appropriate audiences? Great programs targeted at too broad an audience or the wrong audience will produce poor results.
  • REFERRAL PARTNERS—How attractive a business decision is it for your partners to do business with your firm?
  • COMPETITORS—It doesn’t matter how well you execute, you won’t win deals if you aren’t better than the alternatives.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROCESS—How do the various pieces align?
  • SYSTEMS—How good is your system for planning and evaluating marketing programs and expenditures?
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