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Unlike poker, it’s not cheating to deal yourself the hand you want. Your Best Clients are attracted to clarity and substance. The right positioning seems obvious once you find it. But finding it takes work.

Positioning Your Firm for Clear Advantage

Positioning your firm correctly is fundamental to generating the right type of business, getting paid more for what you do, and establishing enduring relationships. It’s so much more than wordsmithing the right set of words.

Positioning is key to getting paid more for what you do. If you’re good at what you do and deliver solid value, your clients willingly pay extra for the extra value you deliver.


You don’t win more of your ideal clients by expounding on how you’re different from the competition. You win more of your ideal clients by demonstrating to your ideal prospects why you’re the best choice for them.

Casting a wider net is the hard and uncertain way to grow. The smart way to grow zeros in on why your best clients select you above other options.

Clients you win this way are cheaper to get, easier to please, and more profitable. And, even if you charge more, you’re nearly impossible to displace.

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“Bruce delivered a very precise break down of our industry and a well thought out strategic plan for our positioning.”

Bobby Robertson, CEO, HealthCareFirst

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Not Different, Better

The high priests of marketing say positioning is telling the market how your firm is “different” or “unique.” The truth is, potential clients don’t care how you’re different. They care about why you are a better choice for their situation, their needs, and their resources. Prospects don’t care about what you do; they care about how working with you will improve their business. A subtle difference, but one with enormous impact.

It’s easy to be “different.” Knowing why you are better requires seeing the world through the eyes of your best clients. That’s a lot harder. For professionals, distilling it themselves may be impossible. It’s hard because it’s not why you would select your firm. Not why clients ought to select your firm. It’s why they actually select your firm.

Is Your Marketing Working Against You?

A well-established firm dialed up sales and marketing efforts when revenue plateaued. The greater investment and spend failed to translate into more project wins. Most distressingly, their ratio of wins to proposals actually fell. Doubling-down on what produced results in the past wasn’t working. They didn’t know what to do.

It turns out their marketing was actually working against them. They emphasized experience and competence. They made the shortlist as the “safe option,” but there’s no money in that.

Taking the time to learn how and where their best customers see value caused them to focus on the projects where they excelled and to clearly communicate why they are better than other options for these customers. Accepting that most other firms also do quality work freed them to concentrate on where there is a real difference. The results were dramatic.

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You Don’t Control Your Brand

Branding is what other people say about your firm. Your brand is important, but you can’t control what others say, so you can’t simply “re-brand” your firm. The story you tell the market is your firm’s positioning. That’s what you can control.


No one else has the same relationships you have with your clients. Distilling this allows me to express your secret sauce in powerful and accurate positioning. Getting there takes in-depth interviews with your clients, but the payoff is huge.

The payoff for nailing your positioning is a shorter sales cycle, clients that talk less about price, and the ability to identify and win more of your Best Clients.

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