"A business has only two functions: marketing and innovation."

- Peter Drucker

Professor Drucker's wisdom is more true today than ever. Your clients have easy access to information, so they know What you do—and who else does the same things. To stay ahead, you must re-think Why they do business with your firm.

Evolving marketing into a strategic function at the heart of your firm requires a change in thinking. Studies of great companies show this approach leads not just to better marketing, but to a better business.

Revenue, Profits and higher-quality Clients are the payoff for putting Marketing is at the core of a thriving business.


"My marketing and business development are doing just fine."

Marketing is like everything else in life, doing a few things really well outperforms trying to do a bit of everything. It's impossible to put your heart and soul into your marketing when you lack confidence that you have the right focus. Most consultants try to sell you on a specific, pre-determined course of action.

Are you content with the marketing you have because that's all you've ever known?

A better approach is to jointly chart the best course for getting you want to go based on your firm's available resources and capabilities. Everything that doesn't fit can be eliminated with confidence, leaving you the resources to excel where it really matters.


Intent Isn't Action

It's easy to give lip service to focus, and then hedge your bets due to uncertainty about where to start. That's not focus. Focus flows naturally when your guide is a comprehensive plan you fully understand.

A good strategic marketing plan makes clear which activities are aligned with your overall goals, and which you can safely stop doing.

Ideas are great, but execution drives results. During implementation, I'm available as a sounding board to help maintain focus. I know your specific context, so nudging the conversation back to core principles ensures execution delivers the plan.


For Professionals, Marketing Is a Struggle

Surveys show four out of five professionals don’t fully engage with marketing and business development. And yet, powerful marketing is a prerequiste for a thriving business.

If you're part of the 60% that either don't like doing marketing, or feel they aren’t very good at it, or simply don't know where they should start, you can succeed, but need help.

Pushing people beyond their comfort zones doesn't create long-term success. It might for long enough for the consultant to cash your check, but it doesn't last. You need a new mindset that simply makes sense.


Better Approach = Better Results

Most consultants try to scare you with tales of you falling behind everyone else. Without this year's shiny object, your doom is sealed. I focus on action, not reaction. My clients learn to think differently about marketing by identifying and focusing on why customers select their firm over other, often excellent, options. My process is straightforward, powerful and, well, better. A client told me, "It's like putting on glasses for the first time and seeing details I didn't know were there."

LEARN in order to gain focus

What are the actual reasons your best clients select your firm?

THINK strategically

The best marketing stops trying to do more, more, more by focusing on what’s right, right, right.

ACT with clarity & confidence

Focusing is easy when your plan reflects your firm's situation, resources, and culture. It also keeps your firm differentiated while adapting to changes in the market.


A Journey Even Linear-Thinking, Process-Oriented Types Applaud

Stop thinking of "Marketing" as a tactical function in a silo. Marketing is a strategic function to be embraced by the entire firm: sales, marketing, executives, operations, support, finance, et. al. With a confident new perspective, re-think what your firm can accomplish. Elevate objectives, focus efforts, and create a road map that adapts to market changes.

With insights from your customers, you'll build a better business. You'll do marketing better, rather than trying to do more marketing. And you'll know the difference.


Great Marketing Is Like Riding a Bike

My job is to draw out insights and craft a marketing strategy that reflects your specific situation, available resources, and firm culture. I can't do this without getting to know you and your clients.

Focusing on why your clients see your firm as the best choice changes how you think about marketing your firm.

Once you understand the real reasons your best clients select your firm, you gain the clarity and confidence to change the way you think about marketing. This clarity and confidence gyro-stablizes your marketing to keep it on track, just as spinning wheels make it possible to ride fast without falling.


If your job is leading a services firm of elite professionals to the next level, including revenue, profitability, and quality of clients, and you aren't afraid to slay a few marketing myths, it's time for you to take action.


Take the first step




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