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Focus Without Second-Guessing Requires Confidence

Clarity of focus creates better results. Most marketing consultants and agencies show you lots of ways to distribute content. I focus on helping clients make the decision to work with your firm. That's a difference with a huge impact.

Less really is more. Research shows the fastest growing services firms often spend less on growing their business than slower growing competitors. You get this kind of result by focusing on Learning where to focus, Thinking strategically, and Acting with clarity and confidence on the handful of activities that matter most.

Your greatest source of leverage is recognizing and acting on why your best clients select your firm over other, excellent options.

Too many firms focus on why customers ought to select their firm rather than why they actually do.

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Strategic Marketing

Law Firms


Clarity Creates Real Impact

Not content to merely goose your sales in the short term, I strategically help you target the right markets and clients. Clarity helps your existing budget go further.

The strongest performing firms understand the role management needs to play, and they make it natural (as opposed to a directive) for everyone in the firm to actively promote new business.

Increasing revenue and profits consistently and sustainably builds a better business by:

  1. Strategically targeting the most profitable markets and clients where you can command higher fees

  2. Making it easy and natural for clients and partners to generate new business for you with Powerful Recommendations

  3. Attracting higher quality clients, stronger partners, and better employees by raising awareness of your expertise with relevant audiences


Start with the Foundation

Little is gained from building without a rock-solid foundation. Each step builds on what comes before for greater impact at less cost. You'll find that even creative activities like web design and copywriting integrate better—and come much cheaper—when you have a clear plan rather than letting others run up the meter re-inventing the wheel.

A diagnostic Audit or a no-obligation Consultation are great ways to get started.

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Core Services

The Marketing Audit

If you question whether your marketing is performing, it probably isn't. Cookie-cutter audits focus on measuring individual tactics and report back a score sheet, but rarely tell you how to get healthy. Too often the result is more confusion about what to do. Most consultants love confusion. How does that help you?

Well-executed tactics become anchors when they don't advance your strategic priorities. The primary goal of The Marketing Audit is assessing your firm's clarity, cohesion, and credibility. You want someone who can assess what is working, what is not working, and identify the greatest opportunities for improvement given overall company objectives and capabilities.

A Marketing Audit can be a stepping stone towards a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Thinking strategically isn’t just for big firms. A Strategic Marketing Plan creates a view of your business that will change the way you think and act. Sales, marketing and business development at professional firms are undergoing profound changes that risk leaving many historically successful firms behind.

A Strategic Marketing Plan embraces your entire business, transparently addressing gaps, weaknesses, capabilities and resources so you can focus on specific tactics that really work for your firm. Most importantly, you gain the confidence that you are focused on the right priorities. Only then can you let go of the other stuff. The entire process is built around in-depth interviews with your best clients to unlock the secret sauce that causes them to see you as a better choice than other options.


Great marketing focuses on why your best clients select your firm over other, often excellent options. Positioning is the inspiration and driver that provides the all-important focus. The truth is, potential clients don't care how you're different. They only care how you're a better choice for their situation, needs, and resources.

Law Firms

Law firms are a special breed. The organizational structure of most smaller and mid-sized firms makes unified and effective marketing a challenge. Law firms are more complicated than other firms, but law firm marketing doesn't need to be. You need a process for assessing your specific situation and determining where and how to focus your efforts. Without a process, you'll lack the confidence to actually stop doing stuff that isn't helping. My goal is to show you how marketing can be a mindset to embrace, not a function to dread.

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