You Never Thought Marketing Could Do This

What If Your Entire Firm Saw Through Your Clients' Eyes?

You’ve no doubt noticed a few exceptional firms that:

  • Earn higher profits

  • Win nearly all the deals they pursue

  • Work with the most attractive clients

  • Attract the best people.

Have you noticed that they also have more fun?

The combination makes for a great firm. While not all firms will be great, I firmly believe that any firm can be. The Strategic Marketing 3.0 framework promotes a view of the marketing function that exposes your customers and their real needs to your entire firm. Instead of simply better marketing, you're rewarded with a firm that develops, executes, plans and manages at a higher level.

It feels like we're firing on more cylinders because, well, we are.


Never Forget the Goal

When marketing focuses on what you really need rather than chasing the latest fad, you really can get more impact with fewer dollars. The obstacle for most companies is having confidence in where to stop spending. Does your market consistently deliver:

  • Higher revenue from a bigger and better qualified pipeline with less leakage

  • Lower marketing and sales costs per win due to better focused and more effective marketing activities, and

  • A more resilient business less at the mercy of market ups and downs.

If you suspect your marketing isn't running at full power, you can be pretty sure it isn't.

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The Foundation for a Better Firm

Better Marketing rallies the rank-and-file of your organization by extending the core of your Strategic Marketing Plan—what your firm does, who it serves, and why it is better than the other options—so your firm's secret sauce penetrates much deeper into your firm and far beyond just sales and marketing.

When engineers truly understand why your customers select your firm, they focus their energies and innovate more effectively. When your field service employees learn to distinguish strategic opportunities from opportunistic ones, they directly contribute to growth and customer satisfaction. They become part of a team involving the customer rather than being told to put their head down and wait for someone to tell them if their work is makes a difference.

While my goal is to deliver a better marketing strategy, I repeatedly hear from clients that what they get is much more.


Backed By Science

Hey, it's just marketing you say. When marketing embraces all that you do, it reaches across and connects your entire firm.

It’s well documented that passionate people solve problems better, need fewer resources, attract like-minded people, and are more loyal. Researchers Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane Dutton found that passion at work starts with seeing one’s work in a larger context.

Employees approach their work fundamentally differently when working to create specific customer value.

The sidebar highlights separate research quantifying the enormous returns created when employees interact with those affected by their work.

Another Payoff: Spend More Time Leading, and Less Time Managing

Four principles build a fundamentally better business. Firm-wide thinking and cultural norms transform to re-envision marketing as a horizontal role alongside its vertical functions. The more your employees know about why customers buy from your firm, the more they’re engaged and self-directed in delivering your firm’s full potential.

Being able to confidently determine your needs, eliminate distractions, and apply your full set of resources moves you ahead in good times, and truly separates the great from the merely good when times turn bad.

A commercial builder client found the results so transforming that now every new employee attends a half-day of marketing training where they learn how the firm is positioned and every employee is taught how to identify strategic opportunities.

Why It’s Worth $$$ to Dig Deeper

Most firms follow an arc before working with me.

First, they grow frustrated when the market fails to acknowledge they are "simply better."

Next, they acknowledge their products or services are similar to other firms. Trying to define their firm as "different" can be costly as they struggle with one initiative after another.

Finally, we get connected and I guide them toward insight into what sets them apart in the eyes of their best clients. Without a guide, most firms stop before reaching the big payoff.

Download: The 4 Principles of Strategic Marketing 3.0: Building a Better Business. (2-pages)

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Research: Interaction Boosts Performance

Download: 4 Principles of Strategic Marketing 3.0: Building a Better Business

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