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Bruce La Fetra speaks about using limited resources to help companies out-compete their competition

I speak regularly on a variety of topics related to the core principle that great marketing & business development strategy revolves around why your best clients selelct your firm above other, often excellent, options. The resulting strategy is more focused and understood by everyone in the firm. The resulting tactics are less complex, and yet, more effective.

My perspective is shaped by more than 15 years experience conducting hundreds of interviews for dozens of professional services firm clients. The impact I bring to client organizations is the result of the insights I have gained.

Elite professionals will embrace change–you can teach old dogs new tricks–but the bar is set high. The ideas must make sense, and can't mess with what makes them successful. The concept of focusing on why a firm's best clients select it over other excellent options creates the perfect foundation for real, long-term, meaningful change that even the most time-tested professional can get behind.

Most of the topics below lend themselves to thought-provoking presentations or interactive discussions. The broader goal is always the same: unlock a firm's "secret sauce" and send professionals forth bearing the story of why their best clients select their firm. My style is one of casual interaction—that is, I enjoy taking questions on the fly as it creates a more relevant experience.

If you have a unique situation or goal you would like to discuss, please contact me.

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