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Are you looking for a speaker who understands exactly what it takes to deliver growth at today’s law, accounting, and consulting firms?

Bruce La Fetra is an experienced speaker with an engaging style and a powerful message about focusing on a firm’s Best Clients. Over more than 15 years, Bruce has personally conducted hundreds of interviews for dozens of professional services firm clients. His presentations combine insights from his many interviews with the latest findings in decision science.

Elite professionals will embrace change–you can indeed teach old dogs new tricks–but the bar is set high. To create long-term change, new ideas must make sense AND align with what led to the current level of success. The Virtuous Cycle of Best Clients is extremely actionable and accessible to all members of an organization. Everyone can (and should) contribute to generating business.

Why not invite Bruce to your firm’s next event or retreat? Learn what you can do to achieve exceptional growth and profitability.

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“Bruce is very credible on stage and the audience was incredibly engaged and provided great feedback about his content.”

Michelle Wohl, VP, Marketing, Sprout

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