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Create Change & Leverage for Your Firm or Professional Group

I speak regularly on a variety of topics related to marketing & business development strategy.

My perspective is shaped by more than 15 years experience conducting hundreds of interviews for dozens of professional services firm clients. The impact I bring to client organizations is the result of the insights I have gained.

Elite professionals will embrace change–you can teach old dogs new tricks–but the bar is set high. To create long-term change, new ideas must (a) make sense, and (b) align with what has led to the current level of success.

Most of the topics lend themselves to thought-provoking presentations or interactive discussions. The broader goal is always the same: unlock a firm’s “secret sauce” and send professionals forth bearing the story of why their best clients select their firm. My style is one of casual interaction—that is, I enjoy taking questions on the fly as it creates a more relevant experience.

If you have a unique situation or goal you would like to discuss, please contact me.

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“Bruce is a great facilitator of team discussions on marketing strategy and positioning who enables everyone to be heard and get buy-in for both the process and results.”

Adam Love, Principal Scientist, Johnson Wright, Inc.

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Popular Topics

Cracking the Code

Business Development for Non-Rainmakers

Over-dependence on a small handful of rainmakers is financially perilous. It’s also just plain bad business. Professionals who engage in business development are more valuable to their firms – and to their clients.

Unfortunately, business development takes many professionals outside their comfort zone. For some, asking for business doesn’t feel professional. They cling to the myth that the best way to develop new business is excellent work.

Anatomy of Powerful Referrals

Let Others Make Your Business Unstoppable

Lawyers and other high-impact professionals consistently list referrals as the most important source of new clients. And yet, most firms lack a practical and proven strategy for developing powerful referrals, expecting “great work at a reasonable price” to generate the new clients they need to thrive. It’s not uncommon for a firm to have many happy clients, be respected in their market, and yet work as hard as ever at winning new clients. Create leverage on a new scale:

  • Extend the reach of your firm at minimal cost
  • See higher quality prospects that close faster by using referral partners to pre-screen referrals
  • Boost your conversion rate and credibility with prospects
  • Challenge your firm to charge more for its services

4 Common Marketing Myths

Stop Undermining Your Firm’s Growth

Some common marketing “best practices” actually undermine your firm’s growth.

Insights gained over hundreds of customer interviews, research from the field on neural-economics, and a helping of (un)common sense combine to strip myth from reality. You’ll re-think what it takes to get hired.

– Shorter sales cycles

– Less pressure on pricing

– More and better clients

4 marketing myths undermining your firm's growth
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