“In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” – Yogi Berra

Conventional wisdom says to grow your firm and your income you must. . . write a blog . . . create an extensive content library. . . connect with prospects on social media. . . and become a thought leader in your industry. Sound familiar?

It’s not good advice because it’s not practical. Getting people to change behavior is hard under the best of circumstances.

Is it any wonder that most marketing and growth initiatives disappoint?

Little Actions with BIG Results

Your goal isn’t blogging, or even better marketing. Your goal is to grow revenue and profits. If a tactic isn’t working, you can try a different one, but without new thinking you wind up doing random acts of marketing. Not a good approach.

There’s an easier, better way to grow that relies less on will-power.

Clarify how you actually create value, then design client interactions around that value. You will crystallize your marketing in ways you didn’t think possible. Simple is better.

Simple May Be Better, but It’s Not Common

If you’re like most, you’re more comfortable delivering for clients than talking about it. Reluctance to toot your own horn is one reason. A bigger reason is misunderstanding that your real value doesn’t come from your products and services.

Confusing the roles of Experts and Advisors is one of the four common myths that actually undermine your value. For a long time I wanted to believe I got hired for my experience, expertise, and fine education. In fact, clients hire me because I use those tools to improve their business in ways they can sustain and grow.

Sellers of professional services consistently rank Expertise, Experience, and Customer Service as two to three times more important than their clients. This disconnect between sellers and buyers causes ever more marketing complexity. Marketing becomes the goal rather than gaining a deeper understanding of how clients see value and make buying decisions.

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Behavior that Boosts Engagement and Conversion

Stripping away herd behavior masquerading as “best practices” and one’s own biases creates the clarity you need to accomplish your revenue and profit objective using fewer resources. Think of it as marketing judo that lets you skillfully throw more than your own weight.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of customers in the course of my work. I consistently find even the best professionals create unanticipated benefits. Often, it’s something they do out of a sense of obligation (“It’s the right thing to do.”) They think clients hardly notice or place little value on these actions, when ironically, clients not only notice, but see the behavior as a sign of who they really are. This is their secret sauce. The big revelation is they don’t need to change what they do as much as change what they talk about. That’s marketing judo.

From Dead-End to Expressway

Telling mid-career professionals to adopt new behaviors requiring extra work is a dead end. Helping them re-frame their message to align with how prospects make buying decisions is an on-ramp to an expressway they didn’t know was there. My role isn’t to change behavior so much as adapting their marketing to match actual delivery behavior.

Doing this shifts you from awkward claims, to heartfelt, yet powerful stories. This type of marketing is easy to share, easy to remember, and easy to keep focused. You’ll also see shorter sales cycles, less focus on price, and more & better clients. Your revenue and profit goals may reflect theory, but practice is what counts.

Finding Your On-Ramp

Sharpening your focus comes in two stages. The first is re-framing your marketing and business development around how you improve your clients’ businesses. Not what you do, but what they can do because of what you do. The second stage is a deep dive to uncover your secret sauce. If you or someone you know wants to shift marketing into overdrive to speed down the expressway, I can help.

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