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Marketing and Business integration

“A business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.”

– Peter Drucker

Creating Change & Leverage that Grows Your Firm

My perspective is shaped by more than 15 years experience conducting hundreds of interviews for dozens of professional services firm clients. The impact I bring to client organizations is the result of the insights I have gained.

Elite professionals will embrace change–you can teach old dogs new tricks–but the bar is set high. To create long-term change, new ideas must (a) make sense, and (b) align with what has led to the current level of success.


I speak regularly on a variety of topics related to marketing & business development strategy.

Most of the topics lend themselves to thought-provoking presentations or interactive discussions. The broader goal is always the same: unlock a firm’s “secret sauce” and send professionals forth bearing the story of why their best clients select their firm. My style is one of casual interaction—that is, I enjoy taking questions on the fly as it creates a more relevant experience.

If you have a unique situation or goal you would like to discuss, please contact me.

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