There is no area you can focus on that will grow your firm’s sales faster, easier, and with greater impact than marketing–including sales.

If my statement seems hyperbolic, I’m writing specifically for you.

Conventional marketing falls well short of its potential because it’s commonly assumed that marketing’s primary role is delivering a message to capture leads. It’s not. Marketing starts with how you think and what you believe. You can’t successfully take a message to market you don’t believe yourself deep down in your gut.

[Professional sales people may disagree. They think about sales and marketing as persuading customers they have a need and should buy from their company. Selling ice to Eskimos is a hard way to build sustainable growth.]

If you don’t believe you make a difference for your clients–not merely that you do excellent work for a fair price–the impact marketing can have on your firm’s growth is very limited. The growth you get will require hard labor and lots of resources (your time and your money).

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Not What You Do. . .

Real marketing starts with how what you do improves the client’s business. For professionals, what you do in the eyes of your clients is far more than merely deliver your product or service. I know, I’ve interviewed hundreds of end customers about this exact topic. “What you do” often isn’t what creates the greatest value for your clients. One example: I doubt you have a line on your invoice for “advice,” but that’s a huge part of why your best clients won’t even consider going anywhere else.

When you strain to tell prospective clients how your firm is “different,” don’t think they don’t notice. In the same way, although to very different effect, clients take note when you understand their business and speak in terms of what their business can do because of what you do.

Far-Reaching Benefits

The potential for marketing to drive growth at your firm reaches far beyond the traditional, rainmaker-centric business development process at most firms. Marketing creates both scale and leverage by enlisting more people in generating business for your firm without demanding more resources.

Real marketing shifts the focus to how you improve your client’s business. The emphasis is on the client rather than you. When you focus on how you are “different” and your products and services (even their benefits), you are talking about you. But, prospective clients don’t want to talk about you.

Scale and Leverage for Your Marketing

Marketing provides scale and leverage to your business development. It makes it easier to win more of your best clients while price is less of an issue. Marketing extends your reach, letting you do more with the same resources (your time and money) by making it easy for more people to make rain. Everyone at your firm should can participate generating business. Marketing tells them how. Current and past clients should be a source of plenty of highly-qualified clients. Marketing guides and enables all of this.