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What If Your Entire Firm Saw Through Your Clients’ Eyes?

Strategic Marketing Plan

You’ve no doubt noticed a few exceptional firms that:

  • Earn higher profits

  • Win nearly all the deals they pursue

  • Work with the most attractive clients

  • Attract the best people to your firm

What are they doing that you’re not? Also, have you noticed that they also have more fun?

The combination makes for a great firm. While not all firms will be great, I firmly believe that any firm can be. The Strategic Marketing Plan framework exposes your your entire firm to your customers, their needs, and most importantly, how your work benefits the customer’s business. Instead of simply better marketing and business development, you’re rewarded with a firm that grows, develops, executes, plans and manages at a higher level.

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“Bruce’s research on our business and careful questioning of our business partners provided a great platform to develop our marketing plan. A marketing plan that is broad with the number of initiatives for us to pursue but scalable to match our needs and capacity.”

Mario Wijtman, EVP, XL Construction

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The Foundation for a Better Firm

Strategic Marketing Plan

Better Marketing rallies the rank-and-file of your organization by extending the core of your Strategic Marketing Plan—what your firm does, who it serves, and why it is better than the other options—so your firm’s secret sauce penetrates much deeper into your firm and far beyond just sales and marketing.

When engineers truly understand why your customers select your firm, they focus their energies and innovate more effectively. When your field service employees learn to distinguish strategic opportunities from opportunistic ones, they directly contribute to growth and customer satisfaction. Every employee become part of a team creates benefits for the customer’s business. No more wondering if their work really makes a difference.

While my goal started out to deliver a more effective marketing strategy, clients repeatedly tell me that they get much more.

Backed by Science

Strategic Marketing Plan

Hey, it’s just marketing you say. When marketing embraces all that you do, it reaches across and connects your entire firm.

It’s well documented that passionate people solve problems better, need fewer resources, attract like-minded people, and are more loyal. Researchers Amy Wrzesniewski and Jane Dutton found that passion at work starts with seeing one’s work in a larger context.

Employees approach their work fundamentally differently when working to create specific customer value.
This is just a bit of the research quantifying the enormous returns created when employees interact with those affected by their work.

Interaction Boosts Performance

Research by Wharton professor Adam Grant demonstrates the incredible impact of allowing people to interact with those your business serves.

When call center workers were shown letters written by grateful students who had received scholarships funded by the workers’ calls, their motivation soared.

When these same callers interacted with just one scholarship recipient in person, they became even more energized. The average caller doubled the number of calls per hour and minutes on the phone each week, resulting in 144 percent more alumni donating each week.

Even more strikingly, revenue quintupled: callers averaged $412 before meeting the scholarship recipient and more than $2000 afterward.

Insights from your Best Clients create a Virtuous Cycle of Marketing.

Start Thinking Like Your Best Clients

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